They Treat You Right!

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Are you like me and drive a 17 year old vehicle that from time to time needs a little TLC in the form of brakes, A/C service, suspension work and tires?  It’s a tricky balance to make sure that you aren’t dropping buckets of cash into a black hole vs. no car payments/”i don’t care if you could throw a small cow through the rust hole in my door…IT’S PAID FOR!

If you can’t bring yourself to get back into writing a check every month to drive the latest and greatest but don’t have a mechanic/service center you can trust stop in at Zych’s…they will treat you right!

My first trip was by recommendation of a friend and I’ve never looked back.  When service is complete on your vehicle you will be introduced to the parts that failed you, without having to ask or demand, a line by line assessment of the work performed and suggestions for the future.

All of this with a friendly, professional smile and a price tag that won’t leave you feeling icky, dirty, and more broke than the problem/parts they replaced!  I have never left wondering whether the job was done right and for a fair price….what more could you ask for?


Randy M.


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