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First things first: my story is probably seven or eight years old (and pre-Yelp). However, I couldn’t justify not reviewing this place even now because I was very happy with the service I got.

I had a ’93 Pontiac Bonneville with a broken AC system. I took the car to three other repair shops. After each garage reassured me the problem had been fixed, the AC began blowing hot air five minutes off their lots. I even caught one garage employee trying to take my car home for the night when I went to go pick it up.

Finally, a friend recommended Zych’s Auto to me, so I gave them a call. I talked to an older gentlemen on the phone and told him about my tricky AC problem.

“I’ve been fixing AC systems for 28 years. I’ll get yours working again,” he huffed, very matter-of-factly. Admittedly, I was skeptical.

A day later, I got my car back. My experience-supported pessimism was finally quashed by Zych’s Auto. After my visit, I drove the car day-in, day-out with fully functioning AC. As a Midwesterner temporarily making Florida his home, I was ecstatic that I no longer had to endure 95° temperatures and 100% humidity whenever I got into my leather-clad sedan.

A lot of garages will just do the bare minimum to get you in and out without checking their work. Zych’s bucks that trend. It’s truly a diamond in the rough.


Jeff F.


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