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The Auto Business

Zych’s Certified Auto Service is a family-owned business that has proudly provided ASE Certified automobile maintenance and service to Altamonte Springs for over 34 years. The owner, Jim Zych, decided to start his own business in 1976 after working at dealerships since his early twenties. Here at Zych’s we conduct business on a personal level so you can feel confident that your car is in good hands. You will talk directly with the owner when calling for an appointment or confirming repair work. Zych’s Certified employs four certified technicians and a secretary. Currently the shop has seven car lifts, up to date electronic testing equipment, and a climate controlled waiting room for customers.

We are committed to automotive service excellence.


Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am-5:30pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

*Call during business hours to schedule an appointment.

About Jim Zych


Jim learned the value of a mechanic at an early age when he began to repair bicycles in his neighborhood. He then progressed to fixing lawn mowers and then automobiles. Later in high school, Jim proved his mechanic acumen by winning the 1967 Plymouth Trouble Shooting contest for the state of Florida. Jim continued to sharpen his mechanic skills as he worked part time at car dealerships while he studied in college. After working at dealerships for several years he decided to open his own business in 1976. After becoming one of the first 500 technicians to become certified in the United States, Jim has been an ASE Certified Master Technician for over thirty eight years. To this day Zych’s Certified Auto Service continues to provide high quality and reliable service to many satisfied customers in the Orlando area.

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